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How to reuse the jakarta regexp

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is it possible to reuse the jakarta regexp?

The library comes with EP60 and can be found at


I can include the library in Eclipse and compile everything fine, but get runtime errors in the portal. Being an EP development newbie I tried to declare the library in the SharingReference property of the portalapp.xml, but this did not work either.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Wilfried,

Yes, it is possible to reuse any external common library from several applications. You have to do two steps:

1. Add a record into cluster\server\managers\library.txt in a format:

library library_name jar1;jar2;...jarN

jarX is a jar location either relative from cluster\server\additional-lib or absolute

2. Add a line to cluster\server\managers\reference.txt in a format:

reference application library_name

where library_name is the same as registered in library.txt

in your case there is a registered library that includes jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar already. find in library.txt line

library com.sapportals.dqp.lib

if it mentions libraries your application doesn't need or finds in other places you should create a new library record otherwise just use it.

Additional information you may find in engine's docs:

Administration Manual->Configuration Tasks->Configuration of additional libraries.