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How to reuse Software Component

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Hello frnds,

We are developing a product. We are using JDI and all our development is under a track.

All the DC's are not been released yet.

How JDI can help me to use that Software Component to directly delploy and use for different clients (firms which will implement our product)



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Do you want to completly reuse the component or do you might have to customized it for the individual clients.

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Hello Rasmus,

If both possible then i want both...

but basically i want to reuse completly.

looking for ur reply

Thanks Shobhan

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Completly reuse is not optimal because you would have change the runtime environments each time you deploy.

The best way to do it is.

Create 1 development track which is you source track.

Create 1 track for each customer you want to roll out to.

create a transport connection from development track to all of the tracks.

This way you can develop and test your application before deploying it to the clients servers.

You would also have the possibility to make changes to the individual clients.

- Rasmus