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How to return huge rows say 1 million using WebI report?

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I am stuck with a simple problem. I have a report which extracts 10 years sales data in WebI. This reports takes approx 45 mins to run which is fine as the data volume is pretty high. when this reports run data is displayed in the browser but when I try to save this report the excels is blank.

Can any one has any idea on this? As I know when data volume is high data is exploded into different tabs in excels. Can anyone confirm this.

Your help will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance !!

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The answer is that a webi is an analysis tool and not and ETL tool. A user can not analyze 1 mil rows on a screen, additional filtering is required.

So use Data Services and get an extract to an excel file if thats what you need.


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Michael thanks for your reply.

Yes I am trying to export this report into the excel but when I save this report in excel it gets saved with blank fields. I mean no data is present in the excel file.

Any suggestions on this?