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how to retrieve autolog interval with autolog_show?

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My question is related to determining the interval configured for automatic backup of logs for MaxDB database instances.

It is possible to specify an interval after which logs are to be automatically backed up through the INTERVAL option of autolog_on command.

For example, autologs can be generated every hour by executing "autolog_on <medium> INTERVAL 3600"

But, autolog_show does not give me the interval that was configured. Is there a CLI command or a SQL query to retrieve the interval?

MaxDB database version is 7.7.07.

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Please try below query.

SELECT "Backup Interval (seconds)" FROM SYSDBM.INFO_LOG_STATE

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You should be able to work out if you have the deafult set for the time interval (0) as follows;

Check your parameter autologbackupsize, this is the size of a complete log segment in pages. So x this by 8, then divide by 1024 to get the size in mb.

If you then look at the OS level to see the size of the log files created to see if they match this size, if so you have no time interval set and are using the default 0.

From the explain of autolog_on


The maximal time interval in seconds until a log entry that was written

to the log area is backed up by the automatic log backup. A value of 0

seconds for parameter <interval> deactivates interval handling by the

automatic log backup. Automatic log backups are then only triggered by

completed log segments. The default value for this option is 0.



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It will not help you with your current version, but let me add that the dbmserver output of "info log" has been extended to also include the SAVE_INTERVAL of the log backup. This is great, but only available since and Feature is still pending for (PTS1237503).


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Using autolog_show You can display whether the automatic log backup function is on or off. You cannot get interval details of the log backup.

Hope this helps.


Deepak Kori

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Thanks for that reply.

I know that autolog_show does not provide the interval, so I was trying to find another way of getting that value--an SQL query, perhaps?