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How to restrict iView visibility with Permissions? is this possible?

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Hi, I have an EP6 SP2 portal. Does anyone know if iView (content) permissions will allow you to restrict the visibilty of a given iView depending on who is logged in?

For instance, I have a KM explorer iview that I want to be only visible to my admin person, but I don't want to create a new role to assign to the admin. I want to add the admin iview just under the user iview and have it be hidden from the users view but visible for the admin.

Is this possible?

thanks in advance,


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Hi Scott,

no, this is not possible by standard means. The solution would be to create the different roles and to merge the content; as an alternative, you could create the whole content as a workset, create a delta link copy and add the iView whished to this. Way nr. 1 is the standard way.

Hope it helps