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how to restrict Invalid record in 0Material_Text Master Data

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In R/3 ,during legacy data loading through Excel file , invalid Material code ( with Balnk spaces ) gives error BW data .It comes upto PSA & gives error Invalid material code. Because there is no field in for deletion Flag in Material_ text . How we can stop the material in BW.

Thanks with Regards,

Anand Mehrotra.

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Hi Anand,

First identify the list of invalid materials. If the list is small, say less than 10 or so, you can correct the data is PSA and then load the master data. This will save you from doing any change to the data model.

If there are huge number of records, follow any one of the below steps.

1) Try to edit the data in the Source file (Excel file)

2) Write a code in the Start Routine in the Material transformation, to eliminate the invalid materials.


Balaji V