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How to restore folder inheritance and permisions rights

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Greetings, I work with Sap Business Objects 3.1 and I have removed folder permissions by mistake. I removed inheritance from main folder y main group for administrators group and now I cannot see the folder or execute any publications associated. Can I recover this folder permissions/grants somehow? Is it feasible to force inheritance from parent folder to the damaged one? Should I recover CMS database? I need some guidance ASAP. Thanks for your help

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Thanks for your response, The group has not been removed from the folder but at this moment it shows as NO ACCESS. I added my administrator account to a different group that have limited access in this foilder in order to be able to actually see folder information. I do not know how to restore the inheritance access because it does not allow me to make any changes in security using my administrator user.

Currently Administrators group does not have any options for enabling/ changings ecurity settings for this folder. Parent folder has all required permissions but I do not know how to force inheritance.

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is there a validated process to recover previous folder rights?

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If you unchecked the two inheritance boxes, you can check those boxes again. Try the default Enterprise Administrator user which will always have access (permissions are hard coded).

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Thank you both! It is working now. I was not using ADMINISTRATOR account but my account with administrative privileges.