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how to Reset Password of Client 800 in SQL server2005 of IDES Ecc6.0

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Dear All,

how to Reset Password in SQL server of Client 800 IDES Ecc6.0.

& what will be its password.

with best regards.


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Answers (3)

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hi Nibu.

thanks you very much...

with regards.


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thanks a lot Uday.

but the problem is that i follow that procedure as i have no expertise in MS-SQL server2005.

when i run this query then the SQL server didnt recongize the usr02 .& throw an invalid object name error.Kindly guide me....


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Open Microsoft SQL Server Managment studio.

login with <SAPSID>adm user.

click on new query.

execute below query.

delete from <sapsid>.USR02 where BNAME='SAP*' and MANDT='800'


Nikunj Thaker.

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HI Ishtiaq ,

Go to SQL Server Managment studio. Either execute the query as mentioned above or you can delete it

as follows :

Click the database > Select your Database > Select the table usr02 > find the row where

BNAME='SAP*' and MANDT='800' . Ensure the row carefullly . Select the row and delete in SQL Server

Management Studio itself. Be careful while selecting the Row .



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Simple logic we have sap* and ddic as default users if you are unable to login to client 800 with any of the user then you need to delete the user sap* from database level so that it will be recreated again and you can login as sap* and password as pass here is the procedure

login to ora<sid>

execute the sql statement

delete from usr02.sapr3 where bname = 'SAP*' and mandt = '800';


sapr3 is your schema id

You also need to check parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar is set to 0 so you can logon as SAP* password pass

If the parameter doesn't exist then maintain in instance profile


Unfortunately you'll need a system restart to enable and disable the parameter

You can also refer to below links

Let me know if you need more help