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How to remove the decimal points at the end of the value????

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we are using crystal reports 9.0. we have some reports which contains group by field. we have one field like address. if we select group by as address "The data is displayed grouped by the Address. But the address is shown in decimal points". for example if we have 55 as address field value, it shows 55.00.

the formula has written like as follows

if lowercase({?GroupBy}) = 'Address' then totext({rsp_GetDevMicro.Address})

now, i want to remove zeros which comes along with address field values.

can anyone help me in this?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Not sure about Crystal 9 but on 11 I would convert it to a number to remove the leading zeroes then back to text again which allows you to remove the decimal point and any thousand seperators, ie:


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