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How to refresh an application screen using SAP iRPA - Build Process Automation

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I am currently automating TCode VK11 to create Pricing Conditions using SAP iRPA. This TCode involves multiple screens. If there is a system exception in any of the screeen, I want to refresh the entire screen and start over. I can not seem to find an activity which can do this? 

I tried using refresh screen, but it asks for a screen target. However the issue is, I don't know on which screen the error may happen. Is there a better way to handle this? 



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Hi everyone,

I am using this question to get additional support and to gather additional information for people searching for this issue.
I want to use refresh screen in my automation for a similar reason. Automating a SAPWebGUI app in the browser.
However I cant select any of my screens for the activity.
I doesn't allow me to confirm my selection:


As framework for the application/screens I have selected SAPWebGUI.
Does this block the refresh screen activity? 😕