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How to refer the EJB DC .jar in a Portal Project (JSPDynpage) DC

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Hello All,

I have a question with regard to referencing a EJB's jar in a portal project (jspdynpage).

Here is what I did while building this as a local project :

1 - Created the EJB. Wrote the necessary business logic in the stateless session bean

2 - Created a EAR project and referenced this EJB. Deployed it onto the j2ee server.

3 - Created a portal project(jspdynpage). Added a privatesharing reference to the EAR project in portapp.xml-

4 - Added the .jar file from the EJB as a external jar in the project preference for the portal project. (without which i was gettig build errors as i was trying to look up the bean using the JNDI and invoking the bean method from the jspdypage).

Everything works as expected.

If i have to create a development component, how would I go about referencing the jar files of the EJB dc in the portal project dc? What changes would I have to make in the portapp.xml file?

I did read up some posts on creating external libraries and stuff, but i am not sure how it would align with my current requirement. For example, if i make some changes in the EJB DC, I will have to redeploy that using the EAR DC. How will the new .jar be referenced in my portal project dc?

Any pointers on this would be very useful.



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Hi Ajit,

Please check this

A bit of (impractical) scripting for Web Dynpro - Libraries & External


Libraries & External Library DC:


Hope it helps