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how to rebuild the Eclipse project by importing the PAR, back-up or archive files?

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Can you explain how to recover our eclipse project from the application server please? We do not have the original eclipse project created in NWDS on a local machine and so I need to figure out how to rebuild the project by importing the PAR, back-up or archive files. We are migrating from 7.0 to 7.4 and I need to import the eclipse project into net weaver developer studio and resolve some issues.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I found these threads and content helpful. I followed them to export the .epa file and then import it.

Portal Content Directory (PCD)

The Portal Content Directory (PCD) is the main repository for portal content, both delivered with the portal and created by administrators. The PCD contains a hierarchy of folders, each of which can contain semantic objects such as iViews, pages, worksets and roles. For portal content, the top-level folder is named portal_content. The PCD is stored in the portal database and is accessed via the PCD Generic Layer (GL), a JNDI provider.

For more information, see the PCD central note 715309 (NetWeaver 2004) or 588904 (EP 6.0).

I need to migrate pcd content(pages/iviews etc) from sap portal 7.0 to sap portal 7.4

System Administration -> Transport -> Export on 7.0x and

System Administration -> Transport -> Import on 7.3x

EPA format, the only thing you need to notice is the need of possibly manual rework on iViews with lack of matching structures, e.g. URL iViews. This process is very straight, I dont think you can do anything wrong doing this

Notice that if these are your custom components, you may have to user the par to war migration tool ,in order to convert those to 7.3/7.4 format:

Using the PAR Migration Tool

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