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how to REALLY extend Adobe forms on public cloud?

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As far as my (yet) limited understanding goes, the most easily visible difference between public cloud and private cloud / on-premise is the absence of the traditional SAP GUI: all is supposed to happen via Fiori apps and ADT / Eclipse.

In order to get a feeling of forms development, I am using a S4H appliance provided by my company and trying to avoid the GUI as much as possible. This should be a reasonable approximation of the public cloud, at least for learning purposes, and then the SFP t-code does not allow the creation of gw-based forms anyway.

The "Maintain Form Template" app allows me to copy an existing form to a Z form but I am still stuck with the original data source, say FDP_EF_PURCHASE_ORDER_SRV. In the purely on-premise world I would then use SEGW to copy the FDP_EF_PURCHASE_ORDER project to the custom namespace, including all the artifacts, and write the appropriate coding in Z*MPC_EXT to extend the model with an arbitrarily complex structure and in Z*DPC_EXT to fill in the appropriate data. I have done the MPC_EXT (after adding the structure via ADT) and a colleague did the DPC_EXT as PoC, then this new datasource would be configured via SFP for the cloned form and that works ok. Pity we can't use SFP and SEGW, so this road is also closed.

As an alternative to cloning the project, in the private cloud / on-premise world I guess I could also directly edit the SAP standard CL_FDP_EF_PURCHASE_ORD_MPC_EXT and CL_FDP_EF_PURCHASE_ORD_DPC_EXT classes: it would be bad but doable, in the public cloud this is surely out of the question, such a change would lead to chaos if it were allowed.

Using only the apps I can add custom basic fields, yes, but... no structures, neither flat nor deep, at least I did not see how.


  1. how do I change the datasource behind any form to a Z datasource? Can I somehow define a Z datasource and be able to select it from the tile?
  2. can I extend a standard datasource freely via class inheritance? How would I tell the system to use my derived classes?

(EDIT: first real post in the new forum, still trying to figure out what goes where... feel free to change tags / location if not appropriate)

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