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How to read .xlsx file into sap pi

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Hi Experts ,

I am working one scenario like excel file to idoc.we have to read the excel file(.xlsx) from a shared directory.The excel file contains several sheets.

from one of the sheet we have header and item details.

From that sheet i need to read the data and sheet has cells and columns. Attached the test file.


Ship To


PO Name

Pricing Date

PO Date

Order Reason

Item details

Material code

Order quantity


Please check the below requirement and read from the sheet (cells and columns)


ship To read from cell C1

PO number read from cell C3

date read from cell C4

orderreson read from cell C5

podate read from cell C6


Start to read from row 9

End of read row 30

Only read the rows where the row having value in column B > 0 and value in column D > 0, else don’t read

1 row equal 1 line item in the sales order

Material code read in column B

Order quantity read in column D

Unit of Measure read dynamically according to column E:

If column E = CS then Unit of measure for the row is CS (cases)

1) is there any Excel TransformBeam to convert various Excel format to simple XML

2) module parameters in communication channel

2 )any java mapping

Please help me on the above requirement.



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Answers (2)

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Have a look into the below blog

Find out the corresponding xml file for the sheet that contains your data then handle your mapping requirements using java mapping.

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