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How to read Bex querrys useing the ABAP in SAP BW 740+

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Hi All,

so far we used sap standard function module to read the bex querry data in ABAP and process further to down load that huge reports to some files. we have build the custom cide around that to download any report. so far we are using FM's RRX_REPORT_OPEN, RRX_GRID_CMD_PROCESS, RRI_VAIBALES_FLUSH etc. now these no longer supported in BW 740. these FM's exist but when we pass the variables values it is not considering while execution.

here is the details for SAP.


CAUTION: Even so these functions still exist in releases >7.3 and BW/4HANA and are still used in the RSRT display mode 'List' (program WRITEQUERY), they were written before some severe changes in architecture: e.g. the variable runtime has changed and there will be issues with variables and variable refresh or query refresh and navigation via these functions. The RSRT display mode 'List' has only limited options for navigation.

we need any new options to download any new bex report with selections automatically. please suggest

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Perhaps you may consider using query as infoprovider or ADP feature. See KBA 1968598 solution part