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How to print/view a report in two legal pages when report has page setup 8 1/2 x 28 ( two times in paper width)

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Hi Crystal Report Expert;

I am using Crystal Report :

CR Developer


Product Type: Full

Operating System: Windows 7

Our client has a report which has lots of fields to fit two width of legal landscape width. ( 28 inches in width)

How to get a crystal report which has 28 inch in width in
design (page setup is 8 1/2 x 28)  but
will fit in two page of 14 inch in width (legal paper) while viewing or printing?

It means that one width of data will be broken up into two
pages of legal size (8 1/2x 14).

Currently, after report generated in print view, it squeezes
data from 28 inch width into 14 inch width ( fit the paper width). It is not
what we wanted.

Your help will be appreciated.


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hi Jean,

if you've got the Page Setup > Page Options > Dissociate Formatting... option checked then when you print do you get a usable Options > Page Scaling dialogue or is it grayed out and set to Scale Report Page to Fit to Printer Page?

if that's the case you can try to update your printer driver to see if that makes a differrence. in my case this option is grayed out.


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Thanks Jamie for your quick reply.

Yes, I got Dissociate Formatting... option checked. When I print, I got '
Scale Report Page to Fit to Printer Page' grayed out.

I can set Manual Scale from 25-400 by changing printing preferences in
printer’s ‘adjust print option’. However printing from crystal still got '
Scale Report Page to Fit to Printer Page' grayed out.  In the result, it did not help while printing report if the width of report in design is wider than page width.

Since the report is already squeezed to fit into one page while viewing the
report or exporting the report to a pdf file, and the font size was changed to
half from design view, I am wondering if  there is a  way to view the report as the same font size as in design for this situation?

Or you have some suggestion in design to fit all
the fields in width of legal page without reduce the font.



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i'm wondering if this is a bug or not...when cr 2008 came out, one of the features (if i remember correctly) was that the end user could dictate how custom size reports could be printed. in cr 2008 that was when reports could have these custom sizes as opposed to earlier versions where you were completely tied to the printer & driver.

perhaps has done succesfully this or another forum follower?

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Unfortunately, this is the first time I'm seeing someone trying to do this!

From what I can interpret, I guess, Jean is trying to have 'different paper sizes' for viewing and printing.

For viewing, a landscape page (28 inches) whereas when printing, a legal (14 inches) page that also 'splits' the content on the page in two.

With CR's WYSIWYG, I'm not too sure how this can be possible. In a way, even with CR 2008 or the newer versions, we're still tied to the printer although you can manually change the paper setting.