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How to Print of entire content by endusers ?

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We are new on portals and searching for a possibility to print the entire Content of an i-view or page in an easy way by end users. Is this possible ? Via special services / PDF ?

(don't know if this is a developer issue or an installation issue (that's why posted in both forums))

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It can be done in a myriad of different ways.


1: Create a print-link, which opens op a new page, rendering the same content in a print-friendly way,

2: Via a link; Get the same content, transform it via XML to FO, and use a FOP (FO Processor) to create a PDF, which the user can print or save. Return it to the user in a response stream (dynamically or cached).

3: Open a window (via a link, surprisingly enough ), which renders the exact same content, with another style sheet (css), formatting the content for printing

4: use 2 different CSS for your portal; one for normal view, and one for printing (media="print" - an attribute you can set on the import of CSS into the content). Then the output from the printer will automatically be formatted for printing (via the print-css), when the user chooses to print through the ordinary print-function in the browser. This would apply for all of the portal, not just the content of an iView or Page (unless you open it separately in a new window).



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Henrik, would you be so kind to be a little more specific on option no. 2 (How to transform to XML and to FO; And to create/get a FOP). You have catched my interest on this solution.

Thank you in advance,