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How to Present Field infront across in the same page instead of going to New Page

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Can anyone help me , how should i can create a report in which i need to present all values in same page infront instead of going to new page for example as shown below .

after 16 or after filling up right hand side column , it then proceed to the next page .

1 9

2 10

3 11

4 12

5 13

6 14

7 15

8 16

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can configure the report to be multi-column. However, you can only configure this from a Details section.

- Go to the Section Expert.

- On the Common tab, check "Format with Multiple Columns". A new tab called "Layout" will appear in the Section Expert.

- On the Layout tab, set the Detail Width and the Printing Direction. You also have the option here of turning on "Format Groups with Multiple Columns" if you need it.


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