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How to post CSRF Token to SAP Standard ODATA to perform POST Operation ?

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Hello Experts, 

I am working on a scenario where i want to Post BATCH in SAP S4 Hana System. 
Working on POSTMAN Tool : 

1. GET CSRF Token from the API and Put in the Header of Request 

2. x-csrf-token : _______________ and Basic Auth. 


It is working fine in the POSTMAN Tool 


In order to make this work on SAP CPI, I developed a iflow 


1. Hold Payload : Holds the JSON Payload 
2. XML to JSON : It converts JSON to XML for capturing the fields in XPATH
3. Content Modifier : It captures Xpath 
4. Content Modifier : 



5. Request Reply : It sends the GET Request to the API and gets the CSRF Token which will be later used to create POST Request. 

6. Content Modifier : (Capture Token) In this step we can log the retrieved CSRF Token by using ${header.x-csrf-token} 

7. Request Reply : In this step i am creating a POST Request to create Batch in which it is mandatory to send csrf token in the header. 


But when i am deploying the iflow and test it from postman i am getting error as "403 CSRF Token Validation Failed" 

So instead of using SAP API there i replaced it with a random webhook to see that what values i am passing in the header. 

I am getting CSRF Token there in the Header value. 
But why it is not working with SAP API. 

Please elaborate your views 

Prathmesh Sutar






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Have you enabled http session reuse to on integration flow? Try with that.

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As per your comment i implemented the change and now SAP API is able to get a hit. now having 415 error as unsupported format, but when i simulate the payload and test the same with postman it is working, not sure why SAP response is http 415

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415 is unsupported media type error. In your postman call, check the Content-Type header, and set the same header in CPI before the API call.