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How to place an image on a button! (HTMLB)

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I got it:

<htmlb:button id = "myButton14"

text =

"<img src='/sap/public/bsp/sap/public/bc/icons/s_s_okay.gif' border='0'>OK "

onClick = "myButtonClick"

encode = "FALSE" />

The size of the button changes. To prevent this just set the image height to 10.

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Developer Advocate
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You can also do it this way if you want your image to come from the HTMLB library:

  data image type ref to cl_htmlb_image.
  data: image_string type string.
  create object image.
  image->id = `UserSelectionCancel2`.
  image->src = cl_bsp_mimes=>sap_icon( `ICON_CHECKED` ).
  image->tooltip = ``.
  clear image_string.
  image_string = image->IF_BSP_BEE~RENDER_TO_STRING( page_context ).
  <htmlb:button id  = "UserSelectionCancel"
            encode  = "FALSE"
              text  = "<%= image_string %> &nbsp <OTR>Text to go with the Image</OTR>" />

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