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How to perform EML create by association of a grandchild tree


Hi, based on "How to design managed RAP business objects with 3 or more levels of nodes" i have In my scenario i have Header > Detail > Subdetail and need to perform EML creation of the grandchild Subdetail node, but i had no success on that.

Could you help me in this question?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Angelo,

Please follow the EML for create deep entity use case.

Syntax for CREATE (BY association)

MODIFY ENTITIES OF RootEntityName " name of root CDS view

ENTITY entity_1_name " alias name

CREATE FROM it_instance1_c

CREATE BY \association1_name FROM it_instance1_cba


ENTITY entity_2_name " alias name

CREATE BY \association2_name FROM it_instance2_cba


[FAILED DATA(it_failed)]

[MAPPED DATA(it_mapped)]

[REPORTED DATA(it_reported)].




I've created Header and Detail(Child) this way, but to create Subdetail(subnode of child) I read the Details from the base using READ BY ASSOCIATION passing headeruuid just created and made a loop passing the detailuuid to the new entry to be created in subdetail and it had worked.

Thanks a lot

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Hi Angelo

Could you please eleborate further on your solution, as we ran into the same issue.
Would you have an example of the structure from the create->Subdetail?
Also did you use the managed CRUD operations for the managed BOs?

Appreciate already your time and approach for the help.
Best regards,

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