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How to perform an RFC on all instances of an 4.6c system?

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I want to get all the workload statistics records (STAD data) for all instances in a 4.6c system. I am doing this from another program and am using JCo to communicate with the SAP system, so I need to use remote-enabled function modules.

In 4.6c, STAD uses SAPWL_READ_STATISTIC_FILES to get the statistics records for all instances. But this FM is not remote-enabled so I cannot use it.

SAPWL_STATREC_READ_FILE is remote-enabled, but it gets the statistics records just for the 'current' instance, the one executing the FM. I could use this function, if I could iterate over the instances making the RFC to each one.

The question is how to connect to each instance and do the RFC? Or maybe how to tell one instance to issue the RFC to all instances?

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.



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