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How to perform a remote client copy

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I am concerned how to perform a remote client copy from production to qas in relation to logical system. cretae new logical system on QAS the same as the one on production

2.nd create a new clent (trx scc4)

3 rd. perform an remote client copy


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You can create new client via T code SCC4 and login user Sap* and than start remote client copy via T Code SCC9. You chack RFC connection between systems QAS and Prd Via T Code SM59.

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Pankaj Kumar

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Hi Tina,

If you are planning to client copy of production that would be of large size & may take long time for remote client copy through RFC or you may face RFC failiours due to network

So i recomend you try client Export/Import method for that.It's easy ...

1) Start client export using tcode scc8 only after the prodution hours when noone is working in system & system does't have much load.

2) Choose the profile like sap_all for full client copy.

3) This will shedule background job ,keep checking status of job in sm37.

4) after sucessfully finishing of job ,go to usr/sap/trans/data & usr/sap/trans/cofiles directories in os you will find two files that you will need to copy in target host in the same paths(/usr/sap/trans/data or cofiles)

5) login to target sysetm at os level & do addto buffer first & then import this transport.

6) Final step is go scc7 & do post client copy step ,this will shedule background job.You can monitor this in sm37

Final: Don't forget to run tcode SGEN.

If you still have any question,you are welcome.......


Ankur Sharma

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Hello Tina,

First create a new client in Quality system during client creation you can create a logical system for that client.

After that create a RFC connecton between production and Quality via SM59.

Then perform a remote client copy via SCC9

hope it helps