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How to pass the logged user language info from webdynpro to ECC or CRM syst

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Hi All,

I have some webdynpro applications . I want to implement the internationalization for webdynpro application. So Based on logged user or browser language. so , I need to send some kind of the language information of the logged user to back end system to get some globalization related parameters from backend system.

If take the browser language as source or logged portal user language attribute as source for getting the language information when accessing webydnpro application. I dont want to pass that language information as RFC parameter to the back end system for every RFC call.

Rather doing that is there any way i can pass the logged user language information to backend using sso logon ticket to the back end taking as "en". I have set the login method as "SSO Logon Ticket" in RFC connection.

I have tried to not to set any language information in the JCO model data by using the "ticket" as logon information. After i created the model data connection. It is taking by default "en" as languge informaton for the model data connectin.

My idea is ,with out setting the language information to "JCO model data" . By using the SSO logon ticket as logon information .If i maintain the language information for the portal user , when the portal user access the webdypro application. Is there any possibility to pass the logged user language information to the back end system rather sending by RFC as parameter.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Get the locale of the logged in user in WD and pass it to backend as a RFC input:




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