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How to pass R3 User/Password from BSP to client application

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Hello All,

I'm starting an external program from my BSP application. This program is actually an ActiveX control being called from BSP using JavaScript. It runs on the client side ("near the browser"). Now the program needs to send a HTTP request back to R3 system, which my BSP belongs to.

My question is:

are there any way to pass the R/3 logon data from BSP to my client program. I would like to avoid an additional PopUp in the program asking for the logon data which the user has just provided when logged on to BSP.

Thanks in advance for any hints!

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What I'm doing is:

<script language="javascript">

function Test()


var TestApp = null;

TestApp = new ActiveXObject('Test.Test');

TestApp.Execute(); // now the external program is started



<htmlb:button design="EMPHASIZED" id="TEST" onClientClick="Test()" text="<%=otr(...)%>"/>

And from this application program (Test) I have to communicate with R/3 using my own ICF service (actually I have to send an XML request to R3 and to get an XML responce back).

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hi Serguei,

You can use and invisible input field in your BSP page like

<htmlb:inputField id = "ip1"


type = "STRING"

value = "<%= sy-uname %>"/>

This value can be read by your javascript when you execute it and can be passed to your client application.

Hope this helps,



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Welcome to SDN

i guess this activex is running inside the browser and from there you are issuing a HTTP request to SAP system in the same browser window

then you just need to enalbe SSO2 cookie , so that in the same browser session you will not be asked for authentication again.

more on this check out OSS note no.


and run this url in your system<port>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/system/sso2test.htm



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Hi Serguei,

First of all, Welcome to SDN.

If I had understood you correctly,

For that functionality you need to have SSO enabled in your BSP system. If SSO is enabled then, we can send the logon details appended to the url as: ?sap-user=myName&sap-password=myPassword&sap-client=myClient.

To enable SSO you need to add some parameters in RZ10 transaction. You can get the help of that from many posts in this form.

Hope this helps,