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How to pass parameter from FLP on SCP Portal to WDA exposed on it?

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Hello SAP experts.

There are a few blogs and questions related to something similar to my question, but in every case I found are focused on FLP on-premise (deployed in a Gateway Hub or embedded). Anyway I want to pass a parameter from Fiori Launchpad to my app by means of an URL, specifically I want to pass the user who's logged into the FLP.

In on-premise FLPs there is a way to do it so by means of Navigation Parameters, the documentation related to it is posted at the end of this question. However, even when the interfaces are so similar, I cannot get the same behaviour I got in on-premise Portal with the SCP Portal. This is exactly what I want to do (this is found in FLP guide in on-premise systems):


There are this parameters in Portal:


However, no matter what I put in there, I always get the literal text I wrote instead of the user which is logged in the portal, for instance. For this tries I used the guide as reference (SAP SCP Portal guide):

Do you have any idea on how can I achieve what I'm searching for?


Passing parameters from FLP to app by means of URL in on-premise FLP:

Hope you can help me out.

Best regards.


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