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how to Pass Internal Table to Workflows from Custom Program

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Hello all,

I hope you all are doing well.

My query is, I have created a custom upload program that get data from Excel file to Internal table.


1. After getting data into internal table, I want to execute work flow from program. And i want to pass my internal table data into the work flow.

2. After getting data into workflow containers I have to work on approval process.

Please guide me how can I achieve this.

Please also guide, Which standard function modules I have to use for this process?


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You could start lookinf at some documentation such as Design Implementation in SAP Business Workflow (look for Business Objects, Event Generation, Tasks definitions and Workflow Definition)

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Hello madi_shah

In my opinion the easiest way to start a workflow from a custom program is to trigger a workflow event and define the workflow as a recipient of the event. This way the event will start the workflow. Events can be triggered with the SWE_EVENT_CREATE function. Your internal table can be passed to the event's container and then to the workflow container.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski