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How to pass an object while routing to new view in ui5

Hello Experts,

In my application, I am opening a new page in a new tab when the user clicked on a button. This new page displays the data which it received from the previous page. I am able to retain the object data by setting the JSON model to the UI core or view if I use navTo() and don't load the view in a new tab. But, when I try to open the view in a new tab the model is getting destroyed. I have searched in the community and google but I could not find the solution.

Please, let me know if this can be achieved in UI5 and how.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Venkatesh,
there are multiple options to achieve your scenario. Let me summarise two (three) of them. Option 1 and 2 can also be combined.

Option 1: Add the needed data to the route URL (route pattern and the pass the data to the navTo call)

Option 2: Add a surrounding view which contains the existing views. Set the model to this outer view, so the data is available in both.

(Option 3 - not recommended): Set the model to the core. Which is highly not recommended.

I would also recommend the UI5 routing essentials to you