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How to pass a table between 2 BSPs

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Hi all,

I would like to pass a table from BSP_1 to BSP_2

after creating the table type "MY_TABTYPE_TAB"

I create this page attribute for BSP_2:


Inside my BSP_1, I fill in my table and set this table as BSP_2 parameter

then I navigate from BSP_1 to BSP_2

the http result is :



HTTP 502 Proxy Error - The size of the response header is too large. Contact your ISA server administrator. (12216)

Internet Security and Acceleration Server



in that case, do I have to create a page in the cache ?

or is another solution exist ?

best regards,


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Hallo Emmanuel,

Nice error message A few words say it all.

Effectively, when you use the navigate object, the data is serialized inside the URL, and a redirect is done. There are very strict limits on the length of an URL. Maybe 2KB should still work. However, the binary data of a table is transformed via a base64 + url encoding into a string to place into URL. And this blowsup the character count. Bang. You are invited for a question session by the administrator.

Some ideas, no answers:

(*) The navigation object also has an option to do the transfer via a POST. Then you can have a very large body. See: IF_BSP_NAVIGATION->USE_AUTO_SUBMIT_FORM( ).

(*) But keep in mind that all of this data is send from server to browser and  back again. A lot of traffic for "no-operation". Alternative, store the data in a server side cookie (which is placed in database), and just send the key to next place. See docs, or look at class CL_BSP_SERVER_SIDE_COOKIE.

(*) Are these really two separate BSP apps? If not, consider stateful and application object. Attach data to application object, this is shared accross pages/controllers.

(*) Write the stuff into shared memory (and be very sure that you land back on exactly the same server again!). The ABAP sequence is EXPORT TO SHARED BUFFER/MEMORY. Difficult command. In SP32, you can see in CL_BSP_KWLINK an place where I used this trick.

bye, brian

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My preference is server-side cookies, as there is no effective limitation on their use.

One thing I did discover though; make sure your Basis person schedules a job to run BSP_CLEAN_UP_SERVER_COOKIES, otherwise you end up with a huge cookie jar in your database!