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How to optimize the report which uses cluster table.

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i use the table BSEG (Cluster Table) the report takes more time to give the output.

how to optimize it.. can any one help me.

ADV Thanks & Regards


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Answers (2)

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Hi Guhapriyan,

you'll never select table bseg alone


1) select with header information from bkpf

2) use secondary index tables

3) use logical data base e.g.: BRF

regards Andreas

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This is taken from a link.

Some of the SAP tables are not transparant, but pooled or clustered. Be aware of this !

There are a lot of limitations on how such tables can be accessed. You can not include such

tables in database views and join constructs. The FI-GL table BSEG, which is one of our

biggest PR1 tables, is an example of a clustered table. At the database-level, there is no table

called BSEG, but instead RFBLG is being used for the BSEG data. Most of the fields known

in BSEG are not known in the database table RFBLG, but are compressed in a VARDATA

field of RFBLG. So tests in the WHERE clause of SELECTs agains BSEG are not used by

the database (e.g. lifnr = vendor account number, hkont = G/L account, kostl = cost center).

As a consequence, these tests are done after the facts similar to using the CHECK statement,

and as already said in tip 1, CHECK statements are worse than tests in the WHERE-clause.

Check this link also.