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How to move database instance to new hardware

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Our NW 2004s Portal QA environment is distributed on 3 systems. One system runs SCS and CI, one system is the database instance, and one system is a dialog instance. We're running Windows 2003 and using MSSQL 2000.

We need to move the database instance from its current hardware to different hardware. The only significant difference in the hardware is processing power.

What is the simplest way to move the database instance? Do we have to perform a homogeneous system copy, or is there any easier way?

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Hello Jill,

The simplest way to move database instance is:

- backup Your database

- install DB instance on new machine

- add same user, dba, service users in new instance

- detach database

- attach database in DB new instance

On You can find a SQL script to user and DB copy.

If You don't find I can send You via mail.


Marcin Gajewski