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How to move all my 8XX clients in SAP to anotehr HDD partition of my Server

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Dear all:

First of all, happy new year to all of you!

I have many SAP clients stored in harddisk partition D of my Server ABC.

(a) 1XX : Master Golden Clients to be used to perform client copy to 3XX or 8XX when need


(b) 3XX : Demo Clients for potential customers.

(c) 8XX : Temporary Project Clients for on going projects before new server of customer


And I would like to move all my 8XX clients to another Partition E of my harddisk. Please advise me how to do it?


Each time when new server of client arrives, our Basis consultant will do a whole System Copy from my Server ABC to customer new server. And Basis consultant will then have to delete those unnecessary clients 1XX and 3XX in the new server of customer. Each deletion of single client takes 4-6 hours at least. We would like to cut down this wastage of time by moving the existing 8XX clients into a partition E of my Server ABC. Thus, Basis Consultant will only need to System Copy client 8XX into external harrdisk and restore it back to customer new server.

Please advise.Thanks

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It means what

I do not need:

to buy new server, new OS, new DBMS

I need:

to get new SAP license.

SAP License is going to cost a big bulk. Can't I use the same license to install a new instance?

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Hi I guess you figured it out, but I would add the following:

I assume you are a partner, and you are copying source systems to copy I guess pre-configured systems to your customers. If this is so, license wise it will not cost you extra, because:

1.- You are an SAP Partner

2.- You can basically install as many DEV systems you want, SAP only really watches for production systems.

As a side note, we as partners have over 10 different source systems that are fully licensed, no questions asked, just be sure to register them as demo or development systems when requesting your licenses.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards;

Robin Wille

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Good suggestion!

This is what I am going to do:

step 01: Install client 1XX and 3XX in Instance ABC

step 02: Install client 8XX in Instance XYZ, instance XYZ and ABC will be in the same server.


1. Can I perform client copy from 1XX to 8XX as they are different instance in the same server now?

2. Do I need to install 2nd SAP system (+ licence) for the 2d instance ABC?


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1. You can perform remote client copy.

2. Yes

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Hi Lim,

As James adviced, there is no workaround to this issue.

I suggest to create one instance (ABC) with 1XX and 8XX client and another instance (XYZ) with 3XX deom clients.

This will reduce time to delete 3XX client when performing copy from instance ABC.


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So, how about cutting down the time consumed by Basis Consultant to DELETE the reluctant clients in customer server (1 client takes 4-6 hours)? Any recommendation?

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As explained above, SAP clients are an integral part of the database which SAP runs on.

They have no directory structure, and thus can't be moved across drives.

You can export and import clients, but this is like doing a database export and import.

Thats why its so time consuming, there is no way round this.



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First : You probably misunderstand SAP Client definition ...

Client is a "business unit" inside SAP system. So - there is no "client specific" database which you can move to another drive.In database , client is distinguished by MANDT key in SAP database tables.

I assume that when you mention "client", you think about SAP System ?

In this case just perform homogenous system copy of such systems.