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hi to sdners,

plz send with screen shots how to modify a standard sap script like medruck.plz it is vey urgent.will be rewarded mail id

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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There are some Standard Sap Scripts in SAP. We cant directly execute them in scripts we have to use some T-codes and by giving some input to the required fields we can see the output printform.

I will show one example. There are some Standard Sap Scripts such as MEDRUCK which is a standard Sap Script for Purchase Order and RVINVOICE01 for billing and so on...

To see oupt of MEDRUCK go to T-code ME9F give purchase order number and execute select one number and click on dislplay messages button on application tool bar you can find the print form of MEDRUCK.

You cannot change the Standard Sap Scripts but you can use Standard Sap Scripts and Copy them to userdefined Script and can make changes to them and replace standard Sap Script with usedefind script.

Ex: Go to SE71,

on menu bar u find Utilities->copy from Client. click on it u ll find new screen showing

Form name:

Source Clinet:

Target Form:

give Form name as usedefined form name EX: ZFORM1

Source client as 000 and

Target form as MEDRUCK.


Now, the standard from MEDRUCK is copyied to your form ZFORM1.

NOW, go to SE71 and give form name as ZFORM1 and do some changes to the form such as adding logo any thing. save and Activate.

Now, you have done changes to the Form ZFORM1 and u have to replace your form with standard SAP Script.

Go to NACE Transaction.

on Applications select EF for purchase order and click Output types button on application tool bar.

now select NEU as output types dobule click on Processing Routines.

now click on Change option on application tool bar and on right side u find MEDRUCK in form place replace MEDRUCK with ZFORM1 and SAVE.

go back twice and now go to T-code ME9F give the purchase order number and execute and select one option and click on display messges button .

you will find the changes that you have done in ZFORM1. so we cant chage the standard Sap Scripts by copying the Standard Sap Scripts we can chage and replace with our forms.

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Modifying SAP Forms

If you want to modify SAP forms, set up your development environment as follows:

Make sure that no SAP-standard forms are stored as client-specific copies in your development client.

Such forms should be held only in client 000, the SAP development and installation client. If you access an SAP-standard form from another client, then the central copy in client 000 is used.

If you need to remove SAP-standard objects from your development client, see Notes 10388 and 3355 in the SAP Online Service System (OSS). These notes explain the procedure for saving modified forms and then deleting all forms.

To modify SAP standard forms,

– Copy the forms you need from client 000 to your development client.

– Rename the forms using a name from the customer name reserve (names starting with Y or Z).

– Copy the forms to one of your own Y or Z development classes.

Renaming the SAP standard object makes it possible to manage and transport your changes with the SAP workbench organizer. The organizer is not activated for SAP-standard objects that are modified in clients other than 000.

To put your modifications into effect, you must also modify the ABAP print program used to print documents that use this form. You should rename such print programs and store them in your own Y or Z development classes.

You can use the SAP Customizing System to replace the SAP print program with your modified print program in the affected applications.

Forms: Concepts

Forms are used to control the page layout and also the text formatting in your documents. Before formatting a document for output to the screen or to a printer, you must assign a form to it. If you do not specify a form for a document, then the SYSTEM form is assigned to the document by default.

Application-specific forms are used in SAP applications to specify the page layout for such special documents as invoice or checks. These forms specify the structure of the information on the page(s) of such a document. They define, for example, the address header, item lines, the footer, and so on.

There are two ways to format texts with forms:

In the standard SAPscript text processing (Tools ® Word processing ® Standard text), you can select a form for a document. You can then type text into the main window of the form and output the document in the format defined in the form.

For example, you can select a form for a letter. You can then type the body text of the letter in the main window. When you print the letter, the default text elements in the other windows of the form (heading, footer, and so on) are printed with the body text.

A document can be generated by a print program in one of the SAP applications. The print program uses a form to generate the document. Most correspondence and document generation in the SAP System are handled by way of print programs.

A print program selects the text elements that are to be printed in the windows of a form. It may also collect information from the user or ask the user to input text directly, as in some correspondence functions. The print program may also provide data for variables defined in the form.

Finally, the print program uses the form to format the document for display or printing.

Check this link...


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Hello Abdul,

Sap do not allows modifying Standard form except if you have access key.

you need to copy the standard form of original language and the make the customising entry to call this form instead of the standard one.

you can make changes in this form as required.

do remeber the when form get copied it surely get in original language and other languages are optional.

if you can arrange for the access key you can even change the standard one.

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just make a copy of the standard form(zcopy) n make changes u want...

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Go to transaction OMFE. Tell me what you see there for the output type you are interested in. Let me take the standard output type NEU. The entry looks something like this.


The first one is your output type, next is its description, next is the medium, then the program, routine, and the form name.

You already copied the layout MEDRUCK to ZMEDRUCK. Now copy SAPFM06P to ZZSAPFM06P. Now ENTRY_NEU routine is in the include FM06PE02. You need to make your changes here to accommodate for the new field. So copy this include to ZZFM06PE02 and make your changes. Also, in ZZSAPFM06P, change the line where it says INCLUDE FM06PE02 to INCLUDE ZZFM06PE02.

Now in this routine ENTRY_NEU, there is a function module call ME_READ_PO_FOR_PRINTING which reads in the PO data from the tables. We need to copy this function module as well as this is where you will do your extra selections for the new fields. You will do the same with the other function call ME_PRINT_PO, if you need to change anything on the print.

after this to define output type...


You can track the form and the print program used for that form

NACE is used to create output type while creating the output type you will mention forms, and driver program.

that will be maintained in the table TNAPR.if you create the output type using NACE then it will be automatically visible in table NAST and TNAPR.

so check in NAST, TNAPR table

EX--in simple terms..take a transaction say ME21N ( Purchase Order ), u can see a Print icon there. now when u click on this icon, it has to print the PO document. Now how does it do that? when u click Print, the control gets transffered to a print program, now which program gets triggered is decided by what program name u specify in NACE.

So in NACE>EF>Output Type>NEU>processing routine--> u can see some standard program already configured( maybe SAPFM06P n form MEDRUCK )..these are the programs n sapscript that gets executed wen u say "PRINT" in the u can customise the print program for customer changes over here by copying the standard program n form into a Z/Y one and replacing the program names in NACE.

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