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How to modify PDF print template in Portal..

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we are running BI and Portal (NW 7.0, SP14).

In the portal we enables the BI queries printing in PDF, but as far we use standard web template.

Now i copied the web template and want to add new Fields to the PDF document, such as like Query Name, User, System and customer Logo.

I was able to add web text items with the required field to the customer web template, but i was not able to see these fields when printing the document...

Please provide me with step for step describtion on how to add new fields to the PDF export or how should i proceed...??

Many Thanks,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am assuming you have a button or something similar on your template that allows the user to generate the PDF output. In the command for generating the PDF, you can specify which components on the template are to be included in the PDF.

Here is the XHTML behind an image hyperlinke that I have in our template:

<bi:EXPORT >
        <bi:ITEM_REF index="1" value="EXCEPTIONS" />
        <bi:ITEM_REF index="2" value="CONDITIONS" />
        <bi:ITEM_REF index="3" value="INFO_FIELD_ITEM_1" />
        <bi:ITEM_REF index="4" value="DATA_DISPLAY" />
        <bi:ITEM_REF index="5" value="ANALYSIS" />
        <bi:ITEM_REF index="8" value="QUERY_TITLE" />
        <bi:ITEM_REF index="9" value="ACTUAL_DATE" />
        <bi:ITEM_REF index="10" value="CHART" />
        <bi:ITEM_REF index="14" value="TEMPLATE_CODE" />
    <bi:SHOW_EXPORT_DIALOG value="X" />
    <bi:FOOTER_LEFT value="DATETIME" />
    <bi:PAPER_SIZE value="DINA4" />
    <bi:REPEAT_KEYCOL value="X" />

The order that items are included in the PDF is based on the order they are included in the web template. Changing the order in teh ITEM_REF list above does not change the order in the PDF.

Hope this helps.



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Hello Lewis,


Yes i have the standard button "Print" for printing PDF-Query.

Please describe (when possible step by step) wher and how to add these customer fields to the PDF printing in the web template, i me using WAD 7.0 ..

Many Thanks,


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1. Open the Web Application Designer

2. Open your template

3. Click on the button to edit your PDF button command

4. Under the Data Binding section choose an item from the dropdown

5. Add all the required items by selecting from the dropdown

This should do the trick



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many thanks for your help.

1. I have added to the web template three new "TEXT_ITEM" elements with Date, QueryName, etc.

2. then i have added this "text web items" to the PDF-pring command -> Data binding as you have advices.

Here is the Result of the XHTML File:

<bi:EXPORT xmlns:bi="">




<bi:ITEM_REF index="2" value="TEXT_ITEM_1">


<bi:ITEM_REF index="3" value="TEXT_ITEM_2">


<bi:ITEM_REF index="4" value="TEXT_ITEM_3">



<bi:REPEAT_HEADER value="">




<bi:REPEAT_KEYCOL value="">



- Now the Issue is i cannot see these web items in my PDF document when i export the query as PDF...??? the PDF-document is empty...??

*- and Any Idea how can i add an Image-object (Logo) to the PDF document too..??*

Many Thanks again,


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