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How to modify existing layouts?

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I'm making my first modifications to layouts that were built by consultants in 2007.   I need to move a key figure from one layout to another within the same planning area.    I attempted this change in our sandbox environment, and I was able to move the key figure and update the fox calculations, but I lost all of the formatting on the layout - column widths, hidden columns, etc.   I've compared visually everything in Sandbox to Development and I can't find how this was done.  Any advice on where to look or documentation that might apply?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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it seems that you are working with BPS not IP. In BPS planning layouts have an Excel Template. This template is saved with the planning layout. You can do the formatting in the third screen of the layout builder,cf.

The description in note 428092 might also be helpful.



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Thanks, Gregor and Anand for your replies.

Yes, we are using BPS.   We use the Excel in place version, which I think from what I read means there shouldn't be VB.    I'm really not certain.   

I will review the note and link you posted.  

I did in the meantime talk to a funtional person who worked with this at go live and she found notes that in some cases they just had to rebuild the layout to correct formatting issues.   Would you expect me to need to rebuild the layout in this case?

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Usually the formatting on the workbook layout - column widths, hidden columns are done with standard excel formula or Macro or VB.

Please check any macros are build in the workbook.


Anand Kumar