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How to mix Dimensions and Measures on a table SAC

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Hi Everyone!

On our new project, we need to mix the columns for measures and dimensions to highlight certain measures.

On MS Excel this is doable, as seen in the example below:

Is there any possible way to achieve something similar on SAC?

ordering the columns by Dimension, Dimension, Measure, Dimension?

Any help is appreciated, have a great day!

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Hi Vitor,

I found a solution to show to mix up the Dimensions and Measures, but it's not accurate and is only applicable for visible purposes.

You need to duplicate the Measures and set those duplicate measures as Generic Dimensions.

And after that in the story, create a Table containing your desired Dimensions.

And after that, just hide the measure.

And you will get the desired result.

Although this is not the desired solution, it does the job.



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vitor.weisheimer1I think this wont be possible in SAC table widget.