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how to merge two process of data in one line item in approval step of sap build process automation

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Hello Experts,

We are implementing build process automation using a sub process mechanism ( calling sub process in main process ). on executions of main process we are getting two line items in approval inbox. 

Is it possible to merge two line item of approval inbox into one line item.

Could you please suggest or help on this how we can achieve it.




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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello @rupeshpandit1999 ,

It would been helpful if you could have given some example as how you get the result and what you are trying to achieve. In general, any kind of string manipulation is not possible in the process content while mapping fields.  Expression editor or similar capabilities is in roadmap with which you can perform such manipulation. 

For now a very crude workaround could be: (a) to use automation and using custom script you can concatenate the item text, or (b) to use Decision - Text Rule, and using concat function. If needed you can also use loops in Text Rule if the items are in an array. 

Hope that helps,