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How to match PO header with items in Adobe Form

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Hi Experts,

If there are 2 internal tables from ABAP interface, one stored PO header data and the other stored items data.

What I wanna achieve list below:

Loop all the PO headers and extract corresponding items, so there will be several units of PO with format 1 header n items, total amount should be summed in each PO unit. I want to print 1 PO header with its items as 1 copy, once PO header is different with previous, start new page for another PO.

Thanks in advance!

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I believe that It is going to help to solve it.

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Why don´t you create a nested table in your backend? That would simplify things a lot for you.

Use ABAP which you probably know well to do this.

You need a table type in DDIC where one line is another table type.

Then, in the form, you can drag and drop what you´ve created in the interface and the form is ready.

Nothing difficult. The take-home part is about doing all you can do in the backend.

cheers Otto

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Hi mate,

Below is the steps to acheive it.

1) Have 2 internal tables PO headers (with PO Number)& Items(with PO number).

2) In SFP, form context drag and drop PO itab 1st.

3) Drag and drop items itab into POitab

4) specify the where condition for POitab's PO number to item itab's PO number.

5) on the form design a nested table (i would use nested subforms) as per the fields.

6) complete the data binding.

7) on the PO's record pagination specify that each record has to start in a new page.

Thats it bang...

It works perfect, I have implemented this approach for customer statements.

Let me know if you need any help @ this.



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Welcome to SCN!!!

loop at it_header. "table with header detail

read table it_item where vbeln = it_header-vbeln. "item details

write : vbeln posnr "other details you want to print and yuor logic for summation.

at new.



this is just a basic idea.

Please search SCN before posting.

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Thanks for your reply.

We assume the header and items data were prepared properly. How to print each PO header and its items in separate page. We store the header and item data in 2 internal tables, how to group PO form by PO header and print them continuously. There is also something different information such as order and deliver address for each PO.

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you can create an adobe form with 2 pages.

one for header and the other for item.

are you using abap to display your adobe form.

if yes,

loop at itab.

call functions for displaying the form