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How to Mass Change ACTVT field value of a role?

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Hi All,

I want to mass update as 03 all values of ACTVT fields on Z_DISPLAY_ALL role that imported from SAP_ALL profile.

How can I do it?

Best Regards

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Answers (4)


I'm surprised how the answers are simply not correct. It is possible via TAC PFCG or via program PFCG_MASS_VAL.

In PFCG you choose

  1. menu 'Uitilities'
  2. menu 'Mass Maintenance Authorizations' (the same program mentioned above)
  3. provide your designated role
  4. in section 'Type of field change' you have to take option 'Change field values of Authorizations for a Field (Cross-Object)'
  5. in section 'Change Field Values of Authorizations for a Field (Cross-Object)' you have to take option 'Change - T Replace all' with 'Field Name ACTVT and values '03''
  6. Important: in section 'Option' you have to uncheck the box 'No Switch to Status 'Changed' ...'
  7. Execute
  8. Afterwards you only have to manually adjust the objects which do not have '03' as activity, done
  9. Be advised: there are more fields than only 'ACTVT' which control activities (e.g. 'PS_ACTVT' if I remember correctly). Better you check this in advance.






Rakesh Ram M

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Hi Musa Aktas

The above is not really possible.

If you are trying to make access for an auditor/external consultant.

I would recommend creating a bunch of display roles related to modules.

eg - SD Display Role, MM Display role etc.

You can then give them restricted display access to what they need.

I have uploaded some display roles if you would like to make use of them.

X.T_EZ_AM_AST_DISP AM - Asset Management Display

X.T_EZ_AM_DISP AM - Asset Management Display

X.T_EZ_AP_DISP AP - Display

X.T_EZ_AP_VEN_DATA_DISP AP - Central Vendor Master Data Display

X.T_EZ_AR_DISP AR - Display

X.T_EZ_BC_TBL_DISP BC - Table Display

X.T_EZ_CO_DISP CO - Display

X.T_EZ_CO_PROD_CST_DISP CO - Product Cost Display

X.T_EZ_CUS_MST_DATA_DISP AR - Customer Master Data Display

X.T_EZ_GL_BNK_DISPGL - Bank Display

X.T_EZ_GL_DISPGL - Display

X.T_EZ_MM_ART_DISP MM - Master data display

X.T_EZ_MM_DISP MM - Display

X.T_EZ_MP_COND_DISP MP - Condition Maintenance Display

X.T_EZ_MP_DISP MP - Purchasing Display

X.T_EZ_MP_PRNT_DISP MP - Message Output

X.T_EZ_PM_DISP PM - Display

X.T_EZ_PP_DISP PP - Display

X.T_EZ_SD_DISP SD - Display

X.T_EZ_SD_PRC_DISP SD - Pricing Display

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Looking at related threads, this does not appear to be possible: