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How to manage transport groups in SLD

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Hi all,

I am facing some problems while trying to create/assign transports groups to the Business systems in my SLD. (i am using PI 7.0)

I have only 2 XI boxes (one for DEV and the other one for PRD) BUT my R/3 landscape consists of 3 environments (DEV, QA and PRD). I created 3 groups in the SLD but i had to assign every group to a Integration server, so i couldnt

Could you please give me some help about how to handle this kind of scenarios??

Any ideas or examples?

Thanks in advance for your support,

David de Miguel

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Answers (2)

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Do you have 1 central SLD or local on each XI?

What is the issue you are having specifically?

Have you tried creating the 2 'true' XI groups and assigning every DEV system to the DEV group and all PROD systems to PROD group.

You can choose to assign your QA to DEV group - your only QA objects should be the backend - this is not mandatory.

Make the promotion (source-target) assignment for the groups as follows DEV --> PROD

Since you are moving IR and ID objects across these groups then it will work correctly.



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Just set them as your XI landscape:

Unless you are on PI7.0 SP12 and are going to use the ABAP Transport route:

I have not done this latter route!