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How to manage Start Retrofit action under Transport Management Assignment Block

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How to disable the "Start Retrofit" option in the Transport Management Assignment block 

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Dear Customer, 

There is a KBA that captures how you can manage the "Start Retrofit" option in the change document : 3276839 - How to disable the action "Start Retrofit" from Change Documents

To disable "Start Retrofit" option from the Transport Management Assignment block:

  1. Go to SM34 > AICVC_PROC_EDIT3 view
  2. Select Transport Management
  3. Double click on UI Elements and Select “START_RETRO”
  4. Double click “Status-Dependent Control of UI Elements” and find your transaction type
  5. Change the columns "Editable/Executable" or/and "Visible" for the desired status
    Column "Editable/Executable": Allows you to disable the option, if set as "Not Editable/Executable" the option will be displayed greyed out and cannot be executed.
    Column "Visible": Allows you to hide the action in the More button, if set as "Not Visible" user will not see the option displayed.

Best Regards, 
SAP Product Support