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How to make the new products on SLD to show up on PI

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When new products (e.g. after a new CIM) are imported into the central SLD, how does a remote connected

PI become aware of the new products?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ashley Ho,

You required to perform 2 activities.

1. Create new Product in SLD

a) using Software Catalog ->New Product (You need to provide Vendor, Name, Version)->create

b) Define Software Component by providing Vendor,Name, Application, Production State ->create

2. Once you complete defining both Product and dependent components.

a) Logon you PI -> Enterprise Service Builder (basically Integration Repository)

b) Choose Tools->Update Products/Main Instaces->Select the new product that's created in SLD ->Finish

Probably, you may need to give some time to get synup happen between PI and SLD.

If still new product not appearing, probably you require to perform below tasks

a) Menu Environment --> clear SLC Data Cache (if this does not helps you)

b) Please perform full CPA Cache Refresh (using URL http://<hostname>:<httpport>/CPACache/refresh?mode=full)

I hope this helps you perform your task.



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