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How to make Signal tables sortable?

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Hi SAP Signavio Process Intelligence #gurus

I am twisting my head around the following issue: I have a dashboard with several SIGNAL tables. The colums in some of the tables are sortable, in others they are not. I have noticed that for some SIGNAL tables there is the option to toggle grouping and the ability to sort is lost in case the grouping is not active.

If my SIGNAL code does not contain a grouping clause I do not have the option to sort at all. 

I cannot see how this relates to each other - can anyone help how I can make my tables sortable?

Thank you, Anna

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For anyone coming across this topic in the future, here is the solution to the problem:

When using the widget of type "SIGNAL table" this will result in a table which does not have to option to be grouped. The sorting feature for a table is related to tables with are grouped, though.

To generate a widget wich behaves like a SIGNAL table which can be grouped (and hence sorted), you must use the widget type "Overtime widget" and switch this to a table view. Then grouping (and hence sorting) is possible. 

I found this workaround a bit strange - but at least it results in a sortable table.