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How to make editable / greyed out the fields?

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Hello Experts,

Based on some conditions we want to open the fields for user input or greyed out on the grid of FORMULA ITEMS tab of RECIPE transaction, pl. let us know how we can achieve this editable/ReadOnly requiremenet programitically based on a constion

Thank you

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Answers (3)

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readOnly property of that corresponding UI element will help you.Create an attribute of type WDY_BOOLEAN and bind it to the readOnly property of that UI element.

Now based on condition just set the attribute value as abap_true / abap_false.

abap_true  : For making that UI element readonly.

abap_false : For making that UI element input enable.

Hope this helps you to resolve your issue.Feel free to get back with your queries.



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Hi ,

Create a attribute with the type WDY_BOOLEAN and bind it with the required field's read only property Based upon you condition if you wants the enable the field pass abap_false to the attribute , to disable the field pass abap_true to the attribute.

- Gowtham

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You can check WDR_TEST_UI_ELEMENTS test application TextEdit test case.

Here you can find the requested 2 checkboxes and observe the settings coding.

Best regards,