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How to make a SUBMIT-Button with <htmlb:button>?

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its a simple question, but I found no answer in the

documentation nor in one of the provided sample BSPs.

The <htmlb:button> doesn't seem to provide a possibility

to declare a button as SUBMIT-button as in

standard HTML, so that it reacts as well to the return

key. This is only a minor issue, but yet this has

bothered some of the users who experimented with

prototype applications which we are developing now.

Of course its possible to use the standard HTML tag, but

this way you are not using automatically the provided

themes, colors, fonts ...

Any idea?


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--> trjust possible with inputfields "submitOnEnter" = True... because submit means in my oppion react on return key. So if your buttons has the focus and you press enter it will react anytime!?!?!

Regards Matthias

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Thanks, Matthias, this basically works. Its a weird

thing, because the submitOnEnter tag isn't in the

online docs (but you can see it in the tag browser).

However, this solution has two drawbacks:

1. The corresponding inputField has to have the focus

2. There doesn't seem to be an event registered

for submitOnEnter, so the browser beeps long and loud

because he thinks there is an error.

I guess it has a reason why this tag isn't documented ..