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How to maintain the path of the j2ee-engine in NWDeveloperStudio...

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...,if the engine is running on VMware on the same machine?

I maintained the message server path (extracted out of the development trace of the SAPMMC => e.g.

<computername>\saploc\BPS\SCS01\work\dev_ms), but when I try to deploy an application the Studio can't find the appertaining sdm host.

Can anybody help me?

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HI Andreas,

there is no need to select the second option.

u can select the first option itself and ...


Message server Name = localhost

Message server Port = 3601.

in the SAPJ2EE Engine section of Preference.

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hi Andreas ,

Check whether all the processes are running in MMC.

Have u given the correct password(SDM password) , that is given during the J2EE engine installation?.

have u logged in into Visual Admin or SDM ?.

After setting the parameters can u see the details of J2EE engine in Developer Studio?.

if it is there , then right click on the SDM host

right click -> restart the SDM host.


Kishor Gopinathan

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Hi Kishor,

maintaining localhost with port 3601 has the same result,

when deploying.

The Deploy Output View says:

"23.02.2006 16:05:20 /userOut/deploy ( [Thread[Deploy Thread,5,main]] ERROR:

[007]Deployment aborted

Deployment exception : Cannot determine sdm host (is empty). Please configure your engine/sdm correctly !


although I maintained in the j2ee-preferences your recommendation.

Any idea?

thx a mill in advance!


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in the VMware emulation all processes are running in MMC after about 45mins

From time to time I can see the j2ee engine in DevStudio.

I restarted smd and the devstudio several times with no positive result...still I receive the same error message.

Nevertheless, it seems as if the studio deployed the application once on the server...but I assume this can only be an coincidence



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Hi Andreas ,

u just check , whether is there any entry in the service host file in /windows/system32/drivers/etc/

for the message server.(3601).

Andreas , jut try to stop SDM from console and restar it.

details about this in ..

or just restart the server . . just try.

if u have already opened the SDM or if another deployement is happening , then also this type of errors can come.

Have u opened Visual Administrator ?. then also this happen.

but normally after restarting the service itself can solve this problem.

u just check , can u login ugin SDM GUI or not..

To start SDM GUI, execute the following script file in the usr/sap/<SID>/<INSTANCE_NAME>/SDM/program directory:

RemoteGui.bat for Windows hosts


Kishor Gopinathan