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How to log in to Fiori with SSO after routing?

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We use SSO/SLC 3.0 for SAP GUI. Also SSO works when we go directly to

We made a change here. We created an address as and redirected it to the web dispatcher server and configured it to go to SAP Fiori and we can log in manually from the fiori login screen.

However, when we come with as directed, it does not log in with SSO. Is it possible to log in directly with SSO when you want to enter via web browser?

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Hi Skylark,


yes. Such a scenario is possible. There are many different possibilities. You could use SAML2 or OIDC or SPNEGO or Certificates.

The scenario you are currently using unfortunately is not clear from the description. This could be related to the forwarding of certificates via Web Dispatcher (Forward SSL Certificates for X.509 Authentication | SAP Help Portal) or a missing Service Principal Name in case you are using SPNEGO. With SAML you might run into some return URL problem.

But the exact problem cannot be pinned down from your description. In general, this scenario is possible (and I have it up and running at many different customers), but I would recommend to get some help from someone who can do a troubleshooting session with you and help you with fixing this.


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