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How to log BIAR export/import from command line

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Can anyone please tell me how to log the actions during the import (or export) of a BIAR file when it is executed from the command line


If this type of logging is enabled by default then can anyone tell me where the log files would typically be found

Best regards and thank you


C:\Program Files\Business Objects\common\4.0\java\lib>

java -jar biarengine.jar

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How to import BIAR files from the command line.

Cause :

Use InstallEntSdkWrapper.jar to import BIARs to your system.

Resolution :

1. Add the InstallEntSdkWrapper.jar path to your classpath:

SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%; "C:\Program Files\Business Objects\common\3.5\java\lib"

2. Ensure that Java is installed, otherwise the Java call will fail.

3. Execute the following command:

java -jar InstallEntSdkWrapper.jar "CMSNAME:6400" "MyAdminUser" "MyAdminPwd" "secEnterprise" MyBIApplication.biar

There are 3 basic variables for using this deployment option:

The install location of XI R2. The the first line sets the CLASSPATH environment variable to include our "common java library" directory, which will be different if you install to a non-default location or if the install is UNIX.

The second line calls Java, and passes it the JAR file required, your CMS UserID and Password, and the Authentication code.

The path to the BIAR file.

Hope this helps you.


Deepti Bajpai

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Hi Deepti

Thanks for the info.

I should have said that i am using Crystal Reports Server , XI3.0 platform

The import / export is working for me

What i would like to do is view the log file for the actions that happen during the import / export

Best regards


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This is very useful information. Is there any official documentation for a more complete guide on how to use this?



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Could you please give the same procedure for BOXI3.1. When I tried it is giveing 1MB file where there is no content

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We are getting the below error while uploading reports with InstallEntSdkWrapper.jar

Error:[report] [InstallEntSdkWrapper.main] Connecting to CMS plmdevapp31:6400 as administrator

[report] [InstallEntSdkWrapper.CmsImportFile] Exception: An error occurred at the server :

[report] Failed to commit objects to server : Duplicate object name in the same folder.


[report] [InstallEntSdkWrapper.main] BIAR File could not be imported

Appreciate any help.