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How to load table COMMENTs from a spreadsheet or csv into tables already within PowerDesigner

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I have a spreadsheet containing two columns: Table name, and Comment

I want to bring these into an existing physical model, where the Comment gets populated into the 'Description' property of each table.

Is this possible, and how?

The reason I need this is that there is a bug in PowerDesigner preventing the 'COMMENT' value in a MySQL DDL script from being imported in to 'Description' when updating a model from a DB script. They have raised a KPI for this but might take sometime to get addressed. (

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Save your CSV file in Excel format, then use the standard Excel import wizard to import it. If you haven't done that before, take a look at

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Thanks again George. Very straightforward. I should've already discovered that the import wizard updates existing objects, not just creating new objects. Hadn't really tried it enough.

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