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how to load exchange rate from BPS into BW

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Hi all,

I wish to load new exchange rate from my input interface of BPS into BW so that I can do planning based on the new

exchange rate later.

Can anyone please help me about the solution of how to save the exchange rate ?

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (3)

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hi john,

i know partially, our's was coming from BCS, so one of our users updated the OC41 Currency Rate table and after that a ZTCUR program to update the rates in BW.

I do not have access to those programs, so i dont have much to add further.


Does the new rate supersedes the old ones. For eg: i just ran a query with plan yr 2007 and it selected the correct plan rate.

But when i ran the same query with plan yr 2006 it STILL selects the new plan rate instead of the old one.

Is that normal / correct ?

I'd really appreciate your response.

thank you,

new yorker

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Is the BW system used only for BPS? I think it is not good idea to change the standard exchange rates maintained in BW as it is derived from R/3. Instead you should create a new infoboject to store the exchange rates and use it in your planning


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hello John,

right click on Source system and Transfer global settings

hope it helps